Melissa George

Melissa picks up Silver Logie for ‘The Slap’

On Sunday night in Australia, Melissa won the third Logie of her career to date, this time a much-coveted Silver Logie for “Most Outstanding Actress” for her role as Rosie in ‘The Slap‘. The show itself also won a Logie for “Outstanding Drama Series, Miniseries or Telemovie” so it was a great night for everybody involved.

Due to filming commitments on Hunted, Melissa wasn’t able to be in Australia to collect the award, so her Slap co-star Anthony Hayes accepted the award on her behalf, delivering a very amusing speech in which he claimed to have been the inspiration behind her win!

If you want to see clips from the ceremony, you can check them out on the Yahoo! TV website.

Tweeting about the win, Melissa confirmed “Am so happy! Thank you to all for my win as Rosie in the slap! My outstanding actress award will be sent to Perth to my mum and dad’s house!”

And for those of you who haven’t yet caught The Slap, you can now own it for yourselves – it’s on DVD in most countries. Go and get yourself a copy now!