Melissa George

Hunted Gains Praise Globally

Now that Hunted has started in both the UK and the US (with many other countries to follow – including Australia on November 24th), Melissa, Sam Hunter and the Byzantium team are gaining praise from many quarters…

With so much coverage coming out every day, we’ve compiled some of the best pieces here for you.

Sam is an interesting character with a back story I want to learn more about. And honestly we need as many strong, female characters on our screens as we can get

Melissa George gives a solid performance as this tough chick with a very real, human (fragile/paranoid) side. Flawed? Of course. But that’s what puts the weight of substantial interest behind her. There’s a hint of rebelliousness behind her wary glances, and therein lies a good story.
Small Screen Scoop

Women don’t usually get to be James Bond. But on Cinemax’s espionage thriller Hunted, Melissa George gets to kill lots of men in a myriad of ways; bed quite a few, too; harbor dark secrets – and is bent on revenge.
– Rolling Stone Magazine

In the vein of the girls who kicked the hornet’s nest, played with fire and used a bow and arrow to battle post-apocalyptic forces, here comes another female protagonist in a terror/crime/espionage drama, unafraid of violence and poised for sequels. “Hunted” is equal parts “Bourne Identity” and those tough-girl thrillers, in a premium cable original.
The Denver Post

Melissa George, the lusciously pouty-lipped actress from HBO’s critically acclaimed series “In Treatment,” now plays Sam Hunter — martial arts mistress turned master spy on Cinemax’s “Hunted,” debuting Friday.
New York Daily News

(It’s) a very different show, which is good and bad for a career. Sometimes I look back and I think if I had a career that was a little bit similar with all my roles, maybe there would be a bit more of a thread, and maybe people can relate to you a little more or recognize you a little more. But I don’t have that career.
The Toronto Star

Well, George is back in another action thriller, “Hunted,” on Cinemax, playing Sam Hunter (Hunter is “Hunted,” get it?) a femme fatale (literally) who doesn’t get fabulous disguises but does get naked.
New York Post review

Like a good page-turner, “Hunted” has enough twists and turns to keep you watching. Though the show seems to tread on “Homeland” territory, its use of various locations around Europe – especially in Scotland, Wales and London – recalls the “Bourne” series of movies, which were enriched by locale-specific authenticity.
Houston Chronicle

Hunted, creates a world filled with trap doors, red herrings, and double-crossers.

George fans know her from her can’t-look-away presence in shows like In Treatment and Grey’s Anatomy–but this heart-pounding series, which is kinda like Revenge meets Homeland, is undoubtedly her most powerful role yet.

“Hunted,” in which capable “Alias” vet George plays an operative named Sam Hunter, actually provides a compelling, Bourne-esque counterpoint to “Homeland,” though there are also a number of welcome similarities.
Huffington Post

Before projects like The Amityville Horror and her Golden Globe nominated performance in HBO’s In Treatment, Australian actress Melissa George first gained fame in America with her role on J.J. Abrams’ Alias. And beginning this Friday, George is returning to the spy genre with Hunted, a new series debuting on Cinemax

Arguably, though, her biggest calling has been the running-jumping-punching-kicking movie genre … confirmed lately by such pay-cable staples as “Triangle” and “A Lonely Place to Die.” They’ve proven to be good warm-ups for her new role as Sam Hunter, a covert espionage agent seeking those who tried to kill her before they can succeed

In the first ten minutes of the new high-octane BBC1 drama Hunted, her character dispatches brawny villain after brawny villain through a variety of violent means. Then, after a chase through the dusty streets of Tangiers, she sets another on fire. It’s relentless, but stylishly so.
Radio Times

Looking for your autumn TV obsession? If you’re a fan of Alias, Spooks or Homeland then Hunted – an eight-part thriller set in the world of international espionage – is it.
Elle Magazine