Melissa George

More praise for Hunted around the world

With Hunted now airing in a number of different countries (including the US and Australia), the praise and reviews are continuing to fly in. Here’s a selection of some of the best:

Hunted is that TV rarity – a spy drama that promised a lot in the beginning, and then delivered more over time.

The first season of Hunted is a concise and breathless eight episodes. The two main threads of the plot—Sam’s search for those who tried to kill her and the ethically ambiguous mission she undertakes on behalf of her employer, the private espionage firm Byzantium—generate narrative momentum not by suspending events, but by moving through them with such great speed that the audience hardly has a moment to predict what plot involution might come next.
Slant Magazine

No matter what incarnation we find Sam Hunter in next season, the creator and star of ‘Hunted’ both remain on board and passionate about the project.

George, who plays spy Sam Hunter in the Cinemax series, trained for the role by studying martial arts, hand-to-hand combat and the Keysi fighting method, a technique that uses natural instincts for self-defense.
Redeye (including behind-the-scenes video)

I’m curious to see if Stephen brings up the multiple bruises and scars on Sam’s body next week. How’s this for pillow talk? “My…. what an interesting bullet scar you have.”
Crave Online

American audiences seem to have responded to the series in a much stronger way than in the UK. Nonetheless, I’m interested to see where this first series will lead to
TV Equals

The Aussie actress showed off her tiny waist in the strapless floor-length frock at the International Emmy Awards in New York last night.
The Sun

It becomes – as you’ll know, having seen all eight episodes – the things that happened to Sam as a child that are now catching up to her are really the centre of the series. She’s going to have to go back and face these traumatic events if she wants to stay alive
Den of Geek

We are making plans with creator and executive producer Frank Spotnitz and star Melissa George to present a new chapter in the Sam Hunter mythology.We are very pleased with what Hunted has done
The Radio Times

Hunted is a slick and highly produced show, artfully designed and densely plotted – a show in which clues, as well as red herrings, are concealed in unlikely places that a casual viewer might miss.
The Age

There is no question that George, when exposed to a camera, projects a startling magnetism. Some might suggest she has that rare, hard-to-define “it” factor – a seemingly effortless ability to light up the screen. It’s a theory, though, that underestimates George’s commitment to her work.