Melissa George

Melissa Shares Her Baby News With OK!

The following article first appeared online on the website OK Magazine, and is reproduced here in part.

Congratulations are in order – Melissa George chats intimately to OK! about her exciting baby news
Melissa George

When Melissa George celebrated her 37th birthday on August 6, she didn’t need to make a wish. After all, the Aussie actress already had everything she’d always wanted – a baby on board!

Gleefully confirming the news that she and beau Jean-David Blanc are expecting, the mum-to-be reveals, ‘This baby is very wanted and very much what we’ve been waiting for.’

It’s been a long road to baby booties for the actress, who split from her husband of 11 years, director Claudio Dabed, in 2011, before embarking on a relationship with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, which ended in early 2012.

‘It’s no secret that I’ve always wanted to be a mother, and every time I had a birthday I would just be a little bit sad,’ explains Melissa, who is a few weeks into her second trimester. ‘You don’t mind clicking over another number when you’ve got something inside you, growing, that you’ve always dreamed about.’

Finding instant love with French millionaire Jean-David – they met at the BAFTAs in February 2012 and were snapped in a passionate embrace that very night – a relieved Melissa says she’s finally found her happily ever after.

We chat to the new star of The Good Wife about her pregnancy, what she’s learnt from past relationships, and why she’ll always be grateful for Home and Away – and for being an Aussie!

Congratulations – how are you feeling?
So happy! I’ve been in such a good mood since day one. When you wait so long for something to happen, you’re bloody happy when it does!

Have you experienced much morning sickness?
I was feeling nauseous pretty much all day, but nothing major; just tired. For me, it’s just amazing how hungry you are. I’ve been craving Mexican food.

And you know the baby’s gender…
Yes, I know already… I won’t say, but either way it’s fantastic.

Where have you been finding inspiration for baby names?
I’m really into old cinema and all that, but it’s such a joint decision. Mine are going to be all bohemian and they’re probably not going to fly, but the most important thing for me is that it works in both cultures. It’s going to have a huge Australian influence and I want the name to work in my native country. But the baby has a French daddy so it’s going to have to work there, too. There’ll be lots of middle names!

Can we look forward to seeing you and the new bub in Oz?
Are you kidding? The first minute I can.

What Aussie traits would you like your baby to have?
The first food will be Vegemite on toast; little soldiers with Vegemite. That’s a must. And then just all the humour and all the games.

In November, you received backlash for your comments about Home and Away and Australia. Do you feel you were misquoted?
I was very misquoted… I just don’t know why we were so fixated on the past when it was 21 years ago and the present was so exciting. That just threw me. It wasn’t because I needed the credibility; I’m just not that girl. All I said was, ‘Why come home when I feel so disliked?’ There was no disrespect to the show and I never said that I don’t like where I’ve come from. I just had a weak moment. Most people would have shut their mouth, but being a George and a Leo can be two things that don’t work in my favour, and this clearly didn’t. It really saddened me.

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