Melissa George

Critics rave about NBC’s ‘The Slap’

With the first episode having aired on NBC last week, reviews and reactions have been rolling in for Melissa’s star-turn in ‘The Slap’ – the roll she made famous in the Australian version a couple of years ago.

There’s something quite absorbing about the show, particularly as each episode deals with a different adult participant, illuminating the character’s reaction to the slap and its aftermath and also chipping away at their own private shortcomings as spouses, lovers, parents, children, siblings, cousins
The Washington Post

The creators wisely recruited Melissa George, who played Rosie, Hugo’s mother, in the original, to reprise that role in the NBC version. All the actors are good, but Ms. George is particularly beguiling. As Rosie she is absurd, infuriating, sad and very funny.
New York Times

George has also changed since last portraying Rosie — she gave birth to her first child a year ago, imbuing her with a much deeper understanding of the character.
New York Post

Melissa George, who has been enjoying a fairly successful run on US TV shows, including The Good Wife, the short-lived but much-praised Hunted and Grey’s Anatomy, reprises her role of arty farty Rosie in the US edition, the mother of pesky Hugo who gets slapped in a pique of fury by Harry.
The New Daily

Reviewers praised The Slap’s bold subject matter – and the bravery of network NBC to take it on.
Sydney Morning Herald