Between Us

Category: Film / Role: Sharyl / Released: 2012

Based on the off-Broadway success of the same name, writer Joe Hortua and director Dan Mirvish teamed up to deliver a powerful and intense film adaptation of this darkly comedic drama wherein two couples reunite for an evening together, only to discover that the longtime friends have drifted aparttheir interests, hopes and dreams have changed dramatically. The night is a disaster- the wealthy hosts may be successful but their »happy marriage« is a hot mess. Appalled by their differences, their newlywed guests remark upon leaving »We‘re not like them«.

Two years later, however, they receive a surprise visit from their »ex« friends, only to realize that they are really not »like them« – they are in fact much, much worse. And with the tables of fortune changed, all aspects of friendship, marriage, and morality are targets on the viscous dartboard, as facades are ripped off and false dreams are shattered.