Music Within

Category: Film / Role: Christine / Released: 2007

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A movie about a man who fought for the civil rights of the disabled may sound unbearable and self-important, but Music Within will surprise you with its rough, irreverent, and very entertaining wit. Even the title is caustic joke: Richard Pimentel (Ron Livingston, Office Space) comes back from the Vietnam War with a severe ringing in his ears that leaves him virtually deaf. Pimentel finds a new path in life when he starts a career finding jobs for his fellow vets–and forms a deep friendship with Art Honeyman (Michael Sheen, The Queen), a brilliant man whose body is twisted by cerebral palsy. Pimentel never loses his sardonic sense of humor, but he does find a genuine purpose in life when the U.S. government hires him to create a program to help employers hire the disabled–but his cause leads him away from his increasingly frustrated girlfriend (Melissa George, 30 Days of Night).